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We are all about science based skin health and skin beauty. Skin health and skin beauty  go hand in hand.  How can you ensure both?  Sun protection is primary. Lines, wrinkles and mottled skin  are primarily the result of sun damage – as we all know by now. Smoking is devastating to skin because nicotine robs oxygen needed for healthy skin cells. Its also dehydrating, and the repeated lip pursing creates creases above the upper lip. Daily use of  UVA/UVB  protective sunblock and a brimmed hat is the way to start.    Medical grade cosmeceuticals  with potent antioxidants, hydrators,  hydroxy acids and  collagen stimultors  form a results oriented daily regimen.

Regular facial and body treatments which are professionally  individualized for your needs  can provide therapeutic results.  Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light,  Microcurrent, and other available technologies now offer amazing repair and results without surgery.  However, only the most agressive technologies do the job in one treatment.